Structural Drying

in Murfreesboro, TN

Advanced Structural Drying in Murfreesboro TN

If you have experienced a burst pipe, flood, or a leaky roof in your Murfreesboro home or business, it is not enough to drain away stagnant water and then mop up the area. This is because doing that will be the start of mitigating against decay, warping, buckling, and mold.

When water penetrates your office or home building materials, you need to hire a certified professional company in structural drying to clean up the mess. Without rapid structural drying services to eliminate the trapped moisture, your residential or commercial property will end up with a lots of damage that could have been salvaged with immediate action.

What is Structural Drying?

Structural drying is a cleanup process that removes excess water from wet building materials that make up your home or office until it reaches a good approximation of the expected level of dryness. Therefore, drying wet buildings involves eliminating trapped excess moisture in building materials (e.g., drywall, concrete, dimensional lumber, etc.)

Rapid Structural drying is crucial because more harm can be caused by water after entering your business or home in Murfreesboro TN. If the water is not eliminated promptly and your property dried adequately, there can be bad smells, mold growth, and rot. At Swan Home Services, we have state-of-the-art equipment and IICRC-certified professionals to completely dry your structure while limiting the inconvenience to your business or family.

Structural Drying Equipments
Structural Drying Water Damage Murfreesboro TN

IICRC Applied Structural Drying

Applied structural drying combines state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive knowledge to dry your Murfreesboro property efficiently and rapidly. As the clock ticks after flood damage, seconds, minutes, and hours are essential. The building materials and structural components of your home are compromised as water continues to migrate more profoundly, and secondary effects like rot or mold growth becomes widespread.

The applied structural drying process uses a systematic, data-driven approach to reduce damage to materials and accelerate drying. It is based on IICRC-approved standards that include rapid drying, reduced excess moisture, and regular monitoring. In most cases, applied structural drying utilizes sophisticated equipment to accelerate drying, reducing costs, time, and inconvenience related to repairs and replacement.

At Swan Home Services, we only hire highly trained, experienced, and IICRC accredited professionals to ensure that we clean, dry, and restore your office or home more efficiently and faster than amateur drying companies, thus saving you time and money.

Water Damage Structural Drying

After water extraction and flood damage, you need to hire a structural drying service expert to safeguard your Murfreesboro home or office from mold and excess moisture problems. While extraction can eliminate any stagnant water, it does not imply that it will safeguard your belongings against the moisture left in your home. Therefore, choosing a professional company like us for water damage structural drying in Murfreesboro TN, is essential. Our specialized equipment can dry under the wall, cupboards, and crawlspaces.

At Swan Home services, we are proud to offer professional structural drying and water damage restoration services for Murfreesboro TN, and surrounding areas. If you notice mold growth or water damage in your property, book an appointment online immediately or Call us: 615-663-0045 to start the rapid drying process and save your property today!