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Swan Home Services FAQ's in Murfreesboro, TN

We know that you may have questions or concerns when choosing a cleaning service. Below, we have answered our most frequently asked questions. If you the question you are seeking is not answered, please call us at Swan Home Services!

I am sure that you have heard the saying that if it sounds too good to be true then it likely is. That is what occurs with the bait and switch technique and you need to be very careful with it. This type of scam offers you a very low price to get your carpet cleaned. For example it may say that you can get your entire home or business done for $99. This may sound like a terrific deal but what are you going to get for that? Keep in mind that the carpet cleaning business has to be able to make a profit. They can’t do that with a lower price but they aren’t concerned about that. This is because they have no intention of leaving your home without it costing you much more than that advertised price. That low price is the bait that they put out there to lure you in. With Swan, you will always get a free estimate and that is all you will pay. There aren’t any hidden fees going on to take advantage of you after we get there. We want the carpet cleaning process to be one that you enjoy and that you benefit from. We aren’t there to squeeze every possible dime out of you. Those other companies that do let you get by with the lower price are probably not going to do a very good job of cleaning your carpets either. If they learn early on that they can’t get more money out of you then they are simply going to take what they can and be out that door as quickly as possible. With Swan, you can be sure you will always get what you pay for. You will love the results and I’m sure you will call us again in the future when you need to have them cleaned again.

For many people having their carpets cleaned creates anxiety because they need to be able to walk on them again soon. When we clean your carpets you will need to stay off them as much as possible for the first six hours. We do have a new quick dry process that you can ask for. This will allow you to be able to walk on them again in about two hours. We also recommend that you wait a full 24 hours before you remove foam blocks or plastic tabs that have been added. You don’t want your furniture to be damaged if the fibers aren’t all the way dry yet.

Swan is more than willing to move some out items including couches, tables and chairs. We can’t move heavy objects though such as pianos, TV’s and entertainment centers. The liability issues involved are too complex for us to take part in that.

We recommend that you add our ScotchGuard option to your carpets after cleaning. This is going to protect it by making it simple enough to clean up spills so that they don’t stain. If you can’t remove the spot we can come in with our powerful equipment and do it for you. There is no reason to leave your newly cleaned carpet unprotected.

This won’t be a problem because the technology we use at Swan doesn’t get the backing of your carpet wet. As a result there will never be any type of damage that occurs to the hardwood that is under it. We also offer a special hand cleaning process for your oriental rugs or other types of woven rugs. They are too delicate to do with the traditional equipment we can bring to your home.

This isn’t necessarily the fact on the matter but it depends on what is used. Many types of shampoos used on them can leave behind a residue. As a result these chemicals end up attracting more dirt like a magnet. We however use the most advanced procedures and environmentally safe products. Therefore your carpets will stay clean and residue free after we clean them for you.

Pets can be a great asset to your family but they tend to leave bad odors in the carpets. When they urinate on carpets it is hard to remove the smell because it seeps through to the backing and even the padding. This can also lead to bacteria being able to grow in that area of the carpet. The coloring of the carpet can change as a result of this as well. Don’t worry though because we have techniques to take care of it. We target all the aspects of these problems including each layer of the carpet. We use sanitizers to kill bacteria as well so the smell won’t come back again a few days after we are done. We can’t always save your carpet but we will look at it and let you know what the options are for resolving the problem.

We are one of the few professional companies out there that will clean Berber. It is often misclassified as a fabric but it is actually a type of weave. It features loops that are made out of wool or nylon. It has to be cleaned more intensely because there can be accumulations of dirt and debris around these loops. We are able to get all of that removed for you so don’t stress about it.

There are very few types of stains that could be in your carpet that we can’t completely remove. If we can’t take care of them, we can help you find a good solution. Some of them may require a specialized type of treatment that is more intensified. If the stain has been there for a very long time or you have used various types of ineffective cleaners on it then it can be more difficult. However, we are always up for the challenge and we won’t give up until we have exhausted all of our resources on them. With the expert training our technicians have they can take a look at it, identify the type of fiber material, and let you know what the realistic outcome may be.